Another bit of information that some people don't know is about your locks on your car.  The newer your car the more the possibility there is that your vehicle is equiped with a version of Passive Electronics within the ignition of the car.  Mostly known as a Chip Key or a Transponder Key.  The definition of a transponder is a device that will
transmit a code or series of numbers.  In case of a airplane this device allows an aircaft controller to idenify an airplain on his radar scope. In the case of your car it indenifies a key that belongs to the owner.  This prevents someone from
defeating the lock system while parked.  The computer in your car has to be taught this code and checks for a known
code everytime the car is started.  So no key no start.  These keys are expensive ,  they also are not made by everyone
When lost it can cost you upwards from $ 250.00 to a thousand dollars ,  Generally the more your car costs you the
more it going to cost you in an emergency.  Allways a good idea to keep 2 keys on hand and also not a bad idea to
keep any information concerning your keys in a easy but accessable site. Dealers will supply you with all that
information at no cost. We can tell you what to look for.  Also a side note  " Chip keys " are also the reason why we
have Car Jackings today.  If they can't steal a car for a parking spot the they have to do it another way.  Any questions
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