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If this is your first time using a Message Board then please use this to help you.

Help Tip #1: Message Board

Message Board, community, forum, bulletin board or chat place are all the common names given to the section of our site where you can interact with other Truckers around North America.


In order to become part of the message board you will need to REGISTER. Fill in all the fields and then check your Email for the verification link. Sometimes Email from us may go to your spam folder so please check there before contacting us.

1. When you login you will notice a black bar at the top. This bar displays any personal chosen image and information about how long you have been on the site and links to topics you have participated in.

2. If you are looking for a particular subject then enter the text here and press [Search]. If you are looking for an exact term then make sure to put your text in between quotes like this: "my search text".

3. This is where you select various parts of the community you wish to visit.

4. This section gives you statistics about Highway Trucker, do not allow it to confuse you. If you do not want to see it you can use the little arrow under the Search field (#2) to toggle it on or off.

5. These are boards. Each board has a subject or general theme that indicates what kinds of discussion should take place.

6. This shows how may topics are being discussed and how many replies (posts) to each topic.

7. This section contains the latest information at a glance about the newest topic being discussed,

8. The green and black blocks help you to see at a glance which boards have new topics that you may not have seen.

Now lets move on to other parts of the community, click here for more...

Help Tip #2: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is HighwayTrucker.com really managed by Truckers?
A. Yes. Many of the truckers here have been in the tucking business for years. This community is not limited to truckers only, so if you are just curious you can also feel free to join.

Q. Do I have to pay to become a member of HighwayTrucker.com?
A. No. You may join and participate for free! To join go to the Register page and fill out the form.

Q. I did not get the acivation Email, can you send it again?
A. Please go to our Activation page and it will be sent to you again after you fill in your details.

Q. I can't remember my password oor login details, can you help me?
A. We have a page just for this, please proceed to our Reminder page.

Q. How do I get to the Message Board?
A. Go here.

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